Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America, all in one week


Well, of COURSE we asked Emshika to come in and create with the students as we studied the continent of Asia! She brightened our day with her bubbly personality and gorgeous vegetables as she taught students how to make Thai spring rolls. Soaking the rice wrappers until they were “just right” and then filling them with a fresh assortment of vegetables and avocado topped with Emshika’s homemade hoisin sauce and peanuts…what a delicious morning!

Outside, students played “basketball” and continued work on forts and snow/ice slides. It seems our shovels make excellent sleds on the snow slides! Inside students learned how to draw elephants, played with Legos and dress up, built several map puzzles, and put their artistic skills to work making flags of the world. Teachers facilitated an amazing JC conversation about “claiming” snow banks and forts as everyone shared feelings and challenges, and came up with a common list of actions.

In Journey this week students took a tour of Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America.  Each day students chose a subtopic of interest to explore pertaining to the continent of the day.  Topics ranged from Machu Picchu in Peru, to the Sahara Desert in Africa, to Mt Everest in Asia, to the fjords of Norway in Europe, and many many more. Students came together at the end of each exploration to share their discoveries. Favorite discoveries included the mummification process of Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, the flooding of the Colosseum to showcase ship battles, and the 1300 species of birds in the Amazon Rainforest. Next week we look forward to students choosing their individual topics for our Walk Around the World Journey share. 

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