Two days of school, to Bretton Woods, too much fun!


One of the most wonderful things to witness during Choice at Woodland is when students make their own discoveries and wonder at the natural world around them! Olivia and Pilot discovered undisturbed smooth ice under a couple of inches of fresh snow in several spots around the school. A gorgeous ripple pattern on the brook was noticed, along with the curiosity of what used to be a rather large snowball just balancing on a tiny piece of ice after recent rains and milder temps. When given unscripted time, it is always amazing what students discover and are drawn to on their own!

Our first day skiing and riding at Bretton Woods saw students overcoming shyness, fear, and other feelings that can be uncomfortable when trying something new. Others experienced joy and exhilaration riding the chairlifts and cruising down the slopes. Whatever the emotion experienced, we are so proud of our students for their strength and willingness to try something new and different!

Discussions began about a new Journey of Discovery and a couple of the topics being explored are Life Under the Sea and Theatre. Hmmmm, might be interesting to combine those two???