Choice on a winter's day at Woodland


Choice time on a winter day at Woodland is as varied as the Woodland students themselves! Frigid, sub-zero temps drove even our most hardy outdoor enthusiasts inside this week as Lego play became a center of activity. “Special” pieces were discovered, such as gold coins, and particular helmets for the figurines were re-discovered and put into play. One student experimented with making a stop motion animation movie using our HUE animation camera, while others played imaginative games building ships and creating make-believe scenarios. Students, who wished to, learned how to make cut out snowflakes which promptly led them to create a snowflake shop in order to sell their creations. Cash boxes were set up and money handed out in order to encourage the purchase of these gorgeous hand made snowflakes. A trip to the ever popular wood pile also ensued as the students thought creatively about how to make a shelf in order to display their snowflakes! Another student wanted to replicate a picture of a weapon he discovered in a book, thus he worked intently one-on-one with a teacher learning about measurements and figuring out what materials he wished to use to make his own copy of the weapon.

Outside, Ani figured out a way to use a steel shovel, a towel and warm water to emulate the effects of a Zamboni machine to make smooth ice. She collected bucket upon bucket of warm water, soaked a towel in the water, then used a shovel to drag the towel across already shoveled off ice in order to make the surface as smooth as possible. Some of our youngest students worked steadfastly on building a snow fort only to have it cave in as they attempted to dig out an opening. Undaunted, they simple went back to work piling on more snow and talking about things they might do differently next time in order to prevent a cave in.

Students selected Geography and Countries as their next Journey of Discovery, we will tell you all about it in next weeks posting!