Adventure Fridays

Each Friday, students climb the schoolhouse steps dressed in layers and hefting full packs. The energy is always high as teachers do pack checks and students gather, ready for a day of adventure.


Fridays at Woodland are centered around two of our core values, Exploration and Community. The entire school files into vans and cars as we caravan to local pump tracks, parks, pools, gyms, mountains, ski slopes and parks to challenge ourselves and explore our local landscape.


The level of confidence and comfort vary by student and activity, but students come together to cheer each other on as they reach mountaintops, roll away independently on two wheels and slide onto the chairlift for their maiden mountain voyage. For some students, Friday is the day in which they shine most brightly, as they discover their gifts and passions may lie in the world beyond walls of the schoolhouse.


“Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world, but themselves” -Stephen Moss