A Week in February


February presents opportunities for activities both inside and out! Inside our cozy building students who wished to do so made Valentines and Valentine decorations which are now adorning the school. Cut out felt hearts sewn together and several feet of colorful paper chains are hanging along the Woodland walls. Gift bags were adorned with sponge painting and salt dough cookies in the shape of a heart were painted. A group of chefs made absolutely delicious strawberries dipped in chocolate which was a treat for the whole school on Valentines Day. Paul presented to the students about ice fishing and will be taking students out on the ice next week.

Outside, a group of intrepid explorers went out to the Woods Trail and discovered running water under snow and ice, icicles hanging from glacial erratics, revisited their previously constructed forts, slid like penguins down the snowbanks, and simply played and ran freely. We also had a very blustery and snowy morning tubing at Bretton Woods, though it sure was fun!

Journey Share wrapped up our week as students presented their culminating Geography and Countries projects to their friends and families. From the Eiffel Tower to the Grand Canyon, Polar Bears to the Amazon, Switzerland to Australia, Japan to Rome and several points in between, we had a fascinating collection of student-generated work!