The Cold Never Bothered Us Anyway ;)


Inside choice this week included lots of excitement around the idea of sewing and dressmaking. Students chose their fabric and created patterns by tracing their bodies. The patterns were traced onto the fabric and hand sewn into beautiful dresses and shirts. 

Paul and Cory led 7 students on an ice fishing expedition for an Offering this week! We traveled to Forest Lake and set up for a morning of catching Chain pickerel, bass, pumpkinseed and perch. Students used maggots and shiners for bait, learned how to use an auger to make fishing holes in the ice, learned a bit about reading the sonar, set up “tip ups” and used poles for jigging. Paul even taught the students about fish anatomy.

This week's interim Journey topic was Winter Wonderland. Students explored the natural wonders of Winter through books, videos, art and collage. Afternoons were spent learning about snowflakes, winter animal adaptations and the history of skiing. We explored the woods trail on foot, skis and snowshoes, observing changes and searching for signs of animal life.