Pizza, Pizza!

We had an amazing day exploring the Fairbanks Museum in St. Johnsbury!. Students explored thermal imaging, bridges, propulsion and circuitry in the museums Exploration Station, as well as all the natural history artifacts and displays. Some students had the opportunity to actually see a particular animal they are studying during Journey such as the polar bear. A short walk to Cantina di Gerardo and a hands on pizza making experience topped off our day. Students learned how to work the pizza crust and then delighted in selecting their own toppings and then of course eating the delicious results. Thank you Colpitts/Grieco family!

Mornings at school students learned how to weave with one student weaving a rug to place in her dollhouse at home. Icy conditions led to some very creative ways of negotiating icy surfaces. Books were read about “Your Elastic Brain” and the origins of pizza, and students brought in photographs and fun toys from home during Share.

In Journey, students continued to research their independent topic choices for our ongoing Geography/Country Journey.  Topics include:  Big Ben, the Grand Canyon, Amazon Rainforest, animals of Australia, African animals, Madagascar, Switzerland, Paris, Japan, Antarctica, and the Colosseum.  It's been such an interesting week as students gather at the end of each day to share their favorite fact they discovered. Towards the end of the week, the school was busy with activity as students began their project piece.  Paint, cardboard, clay, popsicle sticks, felt, etc. were pulled down from the shelves to create models, posters, dolls, maps, and intricate drawings to represent their chosen topics.  We look forward to next week's Journey share!