Woodland's Cinderella...coming soon!


Our Choice time this week was full of excitement around costumes, set design and play preparation. Inside, students created plaster bird masks, dressed up to act out fairy tales and started on set design for our original Journey production of Cinderella. Outside, students engaged teachers in a school-wide epic snowball battle! Students also explored ice fishing in the brook using pulleys and wood to create handmade fishing poles - and added hand tied flies as bait. 

This week in Journey, we continued our Theater exploration. Students chose the fairy tale Cinderella for our original production. Our Explore week was full of scene development, casting , script writing and costume design. We are working to integrate stage positioning, voice and sound of movement as we develop our version of the popular story. Becky continued to lead students in a variety of movement and voice warm-up activities to help students refine their original play. During Literacy, students worked on creating their own scenes for the Woodland version of Cinderella…stay tuned for our Opening on Thursday, March 28th, in the Black Box Theater at White Mountain School!