Choice, Offerings and Workshops


This week students worked on a variety of activities during morning Choice. Several students opted to either create, invent, or re-do their Cinderella costumes in preparation for Thursday’s “premier” at the White Mountain School. Glue guns, water colors and plaster of Paris were all out in full force as students made crowns, carriages, and masks. Other students simply had fun wearing their costumes and practicing their lines while in their full regalia. We also have a group of students who expressed an interest in learning how to write in cursive, so out came the posters, books, pencils and paper along with lots of giggles at the “fancy” writing!

As so often happens in a mixed-age setting, one of the older students found himself in a teaching position as he worked with our youngest students teaching them how to write numbers following the Handwriting Without Tears technique of wet-dry-try. You guessed it , more giggles ensued along with a feeling of accomplishment for all involved.

The warmth of early spring days was welcome both outside and on our enclosed porch as students reveled in the warmth of the sun’s rays and had a blast making mud pies and mud cakes by the bucketful. And of course, wherever there is a gigantic box, there is a gigantic group of students using their imaginations and having fun!