Lights, Camera...Action!


Most of this week was devoted to preparing for the premiere of Woodland Community School's production of 'Cinderella.'  Punch lists were created to identify existing needs.  We revisited our list of Wonder Questions and answered how or whether or not those questions were realized.  Some example questions were:  Can we make props?  Can we write a script?  Can we have special effects?  Can we make costumes?  Can we have music?  Can we have dance/movement?  We discovered that we had answered a lot of our questions.  At the theater, we worked through our play; dialing in where we stand, when to say our lines, and moving more quickly through our transitions.  By Thursday morning, we were able to run through our play without stopping with students taking incredible ownership for their entrances/exits, costume changes, and lines.  

The final production went off without a hitch and was attended by friends and family of all the students. Much laughter rippled throughout the audience as the cast members totally owned their parts, making them truly come to life! We hope you enjoyed the show!

IMG_20190328_142941 (2).jpg