Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...


…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.

We began our week by playing in our flooded fields and marveling at the swiftly moving brook. After heavy rains, our outdoor landscape was changed for a couple of days and students both literally and figuratively “dove in” to exploring. After the waters receeded, the focus quickly changed to other outdoor pursuits, primarily, biking! Jumps were built and skills were tested as students brought their bikes to school while other students spent time on the Woods Trail working on their forts. Many projects took place inside such as creating Egyptian collars and headdresses, jewelry making, mummy bookmarks, and learning how to write using heiroglyphs, all in support of our Ancient Egypt Journey of Discovery.

Numeracy and Literacy Workshops continue to explore a variety of concepts based on the skill level and knowledge base of each group. These Workshop times also complement Journey work and make it more meaningful.

Journey time was spent finishing projects and setting up for our end of Journey Ancient Egyptian Museum Share. This final week was bustling with energy and excitement as students worked on their museum displays. Students explored writing and deciphering the magic Egyptian code of hieroglyphics, finally using this language to create their museum signs. Each room of the school was transformed with sugar cube pyramids, Nile river dioramas, mummies, canopic jars and god and goddess trading cards, each thoughtfully arranged and labeled. Students worked to finish up writing pieces to accompany each of their exhibits and created a Museum Store with tasty treats to sell along with their handmade jewelry and other handicrafts.