Spring, finally!


Spring on the farm means “kids” and Woodland students have been delighted by spending time with nine Meadowstone Farm kids this week! Gentle nibbles on clothing and hair brought giggles and genuine smiles from Woodland students as they plunked down on the barn floor and allowed these young goats to clamber all over. One student said, “I want to take one home and sleep with it!”

Fairy houses and fairy gardens are being built outside along with beautiful dandelion chains. Great care is taken to pick the softest grass and and to place pebbles of just the right size.

We had our last week of pottery at the amazing Littleton Studio School as Woodland students glazed their pieces. We can’t wait to see them after they have been fired!

Student projects are in full swing as we are diving into our Create Week for our Under the Sea Journey.  After researching their topics of choice, students organized and sorted their notes into categories.  This week students worked on creating projects to share their learning.  This process always involves a fair amount of problem solving, creativity, and further research as students are being challenged to create projects that are true to their research.  We are excited for our upcoming Journey Share next week.