Under the Sea Journey of Exploration begins!


We had a wonderful week at Woodland, playing in the rain and mud puddles, carving and biking. Thanks to the Littleton Studio School for hosting week one of our three week pottery intensive as the older students learn how to throw on the wheel, and the younger students learn how to build out of clay with their hands.

This week, students dove into the wonders of ocean life as we started our Under the Sea Journey. We began to explore salt water, the size of the ocean, layers of the ocean, food webs, coral reefs and the importance of oceans in the world. Days were spent measuring, experimenting, researching and sorting as we begin to scratch the surface of the relationship between humans and oceans. To wrap up the week, students traveled to the Seacoast Science Center to experience marine biology and visit tidal pools. 

Choice this week was filled with many offerings to support our Under the Sea Journey. Students created ocean life origami, sorted ocean animals, read picture books about amazing ocean animals and their adaptations and made ocean animal food chain art. Outside, students enjoyed biking, playing dodge ball and practicing for the upcoming track meet.