Pottery, Journey, and Choice in early May


This week, pottery continued for students as some progressed with their hand building skills while others continued on the wheel. Track and Field “training” for our event this Saturday continued with students spending time during recess practicing the relay. Other student choice activies included trick bike riding, costume making, mandala coloring, and sand art.

Last week we ended our Explore Week of our Ocean Journey with a visit to the Seacoast Science Center in Rye, NH.  Students were thrilled to meet some of the animals we have been exploring 'up close and personal.'  We were treated to a presentation on sharks and were able to touch the center's resident sharks; catsharks.  We ended our visit with playing in the tidepools and soaking up the salty ocean air. 

Durint this week of Discovery, students had the opportunity to choose an ocean topic of specific interest to them. They gathered appropriate resources and set forth in discovering more about their choices by researching and recording their findings through sketch notes.  We are looking forward to learning more about:  shark types, coral reefs, seahorses, octopuses, ocean pollution, coral reefs in jeopardy, ocean animal vs ocean animal, who eats who for dinner, shark attacks, and more. Additionally, we read about ocean pollution and were inspired to act.  We spent a morning picking up trash along our brook and were absolutely amazed at how many bags of plastic bottles, cans, disposable bags, and plastic containers we pulled from its banks.