What will you choose?

We start each morning at Woodland with Choice time. Choice is the time of day in which students are given the freedom to choose what they would like to do. Students are asked to spend a moment thinking about how they will spend their Choice period. The options range each day as students are asked to consider a skill or passion to work, consider a teacher developed offering or a totally independent idea. In order for students to tap into their creativity, they first must be given the time and space. Choice is often the most popular time of day as students paint, sew, build, bike, run, explore and discover. This weeks’ Choice time was filled with creativity and heavy work as students took to the woods and the schoolhouse.


The workshop was bustling with students sewing their own clothing. Students created patterns, cut fabric and machine sewed their pieces.


Just through the doorway into the library another group of student scattered about braiding and weaving bracelets and headbands.


Out in the forest, another group of adventurous students took to the trail carrying backpacks filled with tools and rocks as they powered through the work of clearing brush, hauling rocks and gathering firewood in preparation for forest cooking.

“Curiosity is a delicate little plant that, aside from stimulation, stands mainly in need of freedom.” -Albert Einstein