Older Student Experience (OSE) is a time and space for Woodland’s oldest students to set and achieve academic goals. Additionally, OSE students self-design monthly Expeditions that stretch their knowledge base and participate in monthly Journey of Discovery activities and trips, that further support the topic of study through a connection in the community. Students invested in OSE are typically of middle school age or show less desire for play and more desire for skill development. The students set academic goals, such as the completion of Algebra I by the end of the year, studying a certain number of vocabulary words, or exploring a certain era in History. Student goals during OSE almost always include a course of Math, but often students will work together to write a piece of fiction or expository writing. The teacher in OSE acts more as a resource than a guide. She is there to help answer questions or to work one on one with a student who needs extra help. Students often use each other as resources, especially in math. Each student has his or her own workspace and the mood of OSE is one of quiet, a place where work can happen. OSE is about transitioning students from Woodland to other, more traditional academic institutions. The students ask for it and take it seriously, as they want to be prepared in every way for the next step after Woodland.  To hear more from a recent Woodland graduate about his transition from WCS to a more traditional school, click here.