We interviewed recent graduate, Jeb Wennrich, and asked him, "What are you most proud of?" See Jeb speak about Math and "what he misses most about Woodland" below.

My love of learning was cultivated at Woodland because I was given the freedom to explore my interests. For example, this year at Carleton, I rewrote almost all of my essays in order to become a better writer, not to improve my grade in the course. Because of the lack of external pressure at Woodland, I had to develop internal motivation to progress. This still spurs me to work long and hard in pursuit of understanding, without worrying so much about grades.
— Annie Zanger, Woodland Graduate June, 2010 Post-Woodland Education: The Key School in Annapolis, Maryland Annie is a student at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, where she plans to major in Latin American Studies and Anthropology.

I remember a bunch of us formed a band one year at Woodland. We practiced during Free Choice and wrote a song about werewolves that we rehearsed over and over. What I most took away from Woodland was the confidence to pursue my passions wholeheartedly and teach myself new things. Early on, I took some guitar lessons, but I have taught myself most of what I know about guitar, and now I’m adding new instruments, such as mandolin and piano.
— Ari Zanger, Woodland student now at Key School in Annapolis, MD

I don’t get homework and there’s lots of free choice!
— Todd KrolCorliss, Current Student to Graduate Spring 2016
You get to eat snow. There’s no homework and no principal. You don’t have to sit at a desk all day. You get to play in the forest. There’s no pushing.
— Olivia Mangold, Current Student to Graduate Spring 2020

Woodland has embraced me in a way that no other school has. This school and all the teachers within it have always taken time to teach values, education, respect, and above all, life. Math was never my best subject, but instead of standing over and forcing me to answer the questions, they helped me embrace and nurture it. I think that Woodland is a journey that you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life.

At Woodland you have the ability to choose what you want to learn and how you want to learn it. Next year I’m going into high school. As I’ve been visiting high schools, I’ve felt prepared, eager to learn, and ready to experience new things.
— Tess Barber, Woodland Graduate Spring 2015

I love how you get to choose your own Journey project because then I get to study what I want to study. I’m more into it and I dig deeper. I also love being outside instead of being stuck inside a classroom. I like that I get to play soccer or tag.
— Cole Wennrich, Current Student to Graduate Spring 2018
I transferred to Woodland because I didn’t like the teachers telling us what we had to learn, instead of us learning and exploring what we wanted to learn. Most decisions at Woodland are student led.
— Zoe Simon, Current Student to Graduate Spring 2017

Freedom! I like how at Woodland you can choose what you want to work on. We also decide the rules. If you have a problem, you’re guaranteed to fix it!
— Faustine Ainsworth, Current Student to Graduate Spring 2018
The teachers made it difficult for me to build my 1/4 pipe cuz I had to do all this math!
— Leo Barber, Current Student to Graduate Spring 2018

What do you miss the most about Woodland Community School? We asked recent alum, Jeb Wennrich.